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My purpose is simple, to love all life.

And to love our home Earth 

Stop, observe, and learn from mother nature, for she has an answer to everything.


I live in nature integrated into it.

As such, I even get to feel, on certain occasions, like a rock, dew, flower, or moist.

No other spectacle fills me with such plenitude and created in my spirit such a refined sense of the perfect and the eternal.

Climate Change

Humans Living in harmony with nature

The significance of gardens as a resource for the environment, biodiversity, climate change and wildlife is clear.

But also to human health, The idea that spending time in nature can make you feel better is intuitive. We all feel this to be true, and many of us have anecdotes of our own or from friends or family that support that idea. People who have been suffering from stress, sickness, or trauma can spend quiet contemplative time in gardens or taken to the mountains or woods to heal. But nature is not just wilderness. The benefits of nature can also be found in our communities’ parks and green spaces, gardens.

Researchers are amassing a body of evidence, proving what we all know to be true: nature is good for us and has both long and short term mental and physical health benefits 

But we are losing nature
Adding the area of the buildings plus roads and other infrastructure, farmland. we are losing nature and wildness.

 Let's face it nature can't handle more pressure.

so to us humans, there has been a 400 per cent increase in the number of teens and adults medicated with anti-depressants, 1988-1994 and 2005-2008, this is prior to the covid pandemic, and the studies proved that it is a related to the loss of nature or the contact with nature 
If we
 humans are to survive, we must save the natural world, as you can see our own back gardens are becoming of enormous importance to the world's nature conservation and survival as well as humans.  

we too are part of nature and we must reconnect with mother nature 

Stop, observe, and learn from mother nature, for she has an answer to everything.
If all 30 million UK gardeners (the year 2020 ) and increasing planted a medium-sized tree in their community, school, workplace or garden and nurtured it to maturity, they would store enough carbon equivalent to drive you more than 11 million times around our planet just alone, this around the all world, you get the picture.
Plus the numbers of houses and buildings are increasing more roads, front gardens being tarmac or paved, global temperature raising, with more extreme global weather phenomena increasing due to climate change we are going to see more and more floods more harsh winters and hotter summers, no need to travel for holidays.
Every cm is important to restore nature we must gardening our gardens to restore natural balance for our own benefit
It's essential we have trees, bushes ground cover plants, and remove all synthetic gardening artificial grass, tarmac, and paving slabs.  If we want to survive.

in nature, everything is linked and everything has a job 

our actions will affect around the world the same as theirs will affect us but we must start now 
actions to take 
pro-environmental include
avoid or reduce consumption of meat, fish and dairy
choose to travel by bicycle or public transport wherever possible
improve home energy supplier
conserve water, and wash clothes at a cold temperature
pro-nature actions include
donate money or volunteer with a nature conservation organisation
support conservation-friendly legislation
vote for parties with strong pro-conservation policies
practise wildlife-friendly gardening 
avoid using insecticides
the five pathways to nature connection
contact how are your senses changing through contact with the natural environment
emotion how are your emotions responding
beauty what is beautiful about the natural elements you are noticing 
meaning what does the experience mean for you
compassion how could you give back to the natural world 
Connect/reconnect to nature


My purpose is simple, to love all life.

And to love our home Earth 

Ph ‪01926 956597‬

MB 07883304018